Pool House or Second House?

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Dealing with cold temperatures day in and day out, the mind tends to travel to
warmer times and places. While snowy landscapes definitely hold their own
majestic beauty, enjoying a slightly breezy summer day outside by the pool doesn’t
sound bad either. What adds even more appeal to this dreamy poolside afternoon is
a pool house/cottage. You would never have to trudge through the house to get a
drink, go to the bathroom, or change. These structures that formerly served as an
attractive alternative to storing cleaning products and chairs have heavily evolved
to serve a multitude of functions. They even come in a variety of sizes and styles and
are customizable to fit any need or want.
Now, imagine if your pool house/ cottage lived up to the quality of your pool and
added that extra oomph to your outdoor living space? Serving NJ and PA for over 6
decades, Hewitt and Danese Contractors and Builders know this landscape better
than most. Therefore, we know how to best incorporate it’s beauty into the design of
your custom pool house. Get ready to take your summer refuge from standard to
Pool cottages are more versatile than you would think
A popular reason for wanting a pool house is to provide family and guests a place to
change out of their wet bathing suits. After all, no one enjoys walking through a
puddle inside the main house. While this still remains a primary reason for building
a pool house/cottage, over the years homeowners have become much more creative
with their ideas.
Nowadays, consumers build them large enough to serve dual purposes. In the off
seasons pool houses can be converted to guest cottages, art studios, exercise rooms
and more. They also come in a variety of styles like country retreat with rustic
touches, modern sleek, Grecian pillar style, or Montauk cottage. Having control over
the style and size gives homeowners the ability to design them to fit any budget.
Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they increase the value of the pool. Whatever look suits
your area best, we’re ready to customize it.
Making the outdoors perfect
At their face value, pool houses are a guesthouse, storage space, changing area,
etcetera. But if designed properly, what they really give is the ability to truly enjoy
the things you value in life even more. This might be time for friends and family,
sitting outside reading a book, lying silently listening to the birds, or hosting parties.
Imagine you and your loved ones making a whole day out of your pool area. People
can splash around and swim, while the rest of the people lounge in the shade by the
pool house, enjoying a couple cocktails by the pool house bar. Take it to the next
level and incorporate a kitchen in the design of the structure, and you’ll never want
to cook inside again!

Talk to a contractor before building starts
In most regions, building a pool house/ cottage requires building permits. According
to the website The Spruce, this is because the structure must comply with local
outdoor zoning ordinances and codes. Some structures, depending on how small
they are, don’t need a permit but you never want to assume without seeking
professional advice and help. A larger outdoor structure with plumbing and heating
is considered a habitable space and is typically subject to some of the same zoning
requirements as any other residential building. If you don’t already know, the
purpose of zoning laws is to govern a structures use on a properly. As a safety
consideration for pool houses, local zoning rules dictate how close the house can be
to the pool’s edge. Needless to say, before breaking ground on a custom design, chat
with us and we’ll help you figure out your local zoning rules.
Back in the 1930s, pool houses used to be something only the Hollywood stars had
as a part of their luxury private homes. Today, they’ve become not only more
affordable, but more customizable. Seeing their appeal and added value, more and
more homeowners are jumping to design one. They not only give homeowners
satisfaction, but also serve as a place of comfort and entertainment for guests. So, if
you’re living in endless days of cold dreaming about your fantasy poolside
afternoon, give us a call and let us turn your backyard into the next Bellagio.

-Hannah K.